Love, Guns and Rosemary by W.D. Frank


This is not your run of the mill read – this is a book that will serious have you doubting your sanity!

Klaus is completely deranged – I honestly don’t think the man has a screw in his head that isn’t loose and rattling around. He is barking mad and all kinds of screwed up!

Add Rosemary into his own special band of lunacy and you have an explosive read that will take time for you to recover from.

Rosemary has her own issues, and I say that as an attempt to being polite – because she is almost as potty as Klaus – but throw in the fact that she is what I can only be described as a sexual deviant and the story that ensues is one that is far from normal.

So the demented duo take not only the book but the reader by the scruff of the neck and control what I can only say is a crazy ride.

They were characters that required empathy and understanding or at least a willingness to try and remain open minded.

Their insanity was evident but I fought hard to remember that they weren’t born that way and through the words the author elected to use, I was amazed that he was able to show me a couple of completely damaged and broken individuals who knew nothing of how to either understand or care about the ways of society.

I saw beneath the surface of two people that normal convention would have condemned and bore witness to the pain and suffering that their minds experienced on not only a day by day but an hour by hour basis.

Klaus’s was not a man that you would ever wish to come into contact with, he was beyond damaged but through the words of the author I was able to bear witness to the events in his past that had forged his madness, had driven him to the edge of insanity and allowed him to teeter for far too long.

Klaus was a psychopath in the truest sense of the word but it was as a result of the immeasurable cruelty he had endured  in his past, not that that condoned what he had become but it did in some measure allow me to see that had life been a little more accepting of him, things might have been different.

The relationship between Klaus and Rosemary wasn’t like anything you would read in any other novel, they were completely unique not only on their compatibility but also in the way that they related to each other, they were a force field upon which each other could depend, they were uniquely connected, at a level that few ever experience and even fewer would ever understand.

An astonishing but creatively brilliant book. Superbly written, the author made sure every single word counted.

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