Breaking Him by Sherilee Gray

This may be a short read but it lacks in NOTHING!!! I am stunned by not only how much the author was able to cram into just a few pages.

Oh and dang this is an author that doesn’t shy away from packing on the heat, she leaves nothing behind!

Elijah is the broody, strong silent type and much of that is not by choice, it is through necessity. Isolated and almost vilified by a town that he has done no harm, he keeps his head down and his mouth shut. But there was way more lurking beneath that intense exterior that anyone has ever taken time to uncover that was until Abigail.

When his story is uncovered I wished for nothing more than the chance to give him a hug, it was soul destroying and it was at that point I fully understood how and why he was the man he was. He owed the world nothing and folk are cruel when they don’t understand but they didn’t take time to get to know the gentle soul that lay beneath their so called “dangerous” man…fools! His past was painful but his peace was the ranch, and his saviour was Abigail much like he was for her.

I don’t know that I can put into words the intensity of their relationship once it got off the ground and for a guy that was completely inexperienced I would have to say that his alpha must have been ingrained because it took no time at all for him to bring that side of his personality out to play.

They were a solid couple, they weren’t angst ridden and full of attitude, they were a simple pair that were prepared to ride roughshod over the thoughts of those that didn’t fully understand the depth with which they loved each other. Abigail refused to listen when others tried to tell her she was making a mistake but she knew her heart and that was always going to win!

A super sharp, sexy little read that rocks is socks off!!!

Topic: Breaking Him by Sherilee Gray

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