Over Exposed by Julie Jaret


I liked the first book in the series but I loved this one.

I got Natalie, her struggle to prove she had what it took to make it in the corporate minefield and also to make her daddy see that she was more than just his little girl – in the office she could hold her own.

But her world got flipped upside it head when she ends up in the hands of Sam Danmore!

You will fall hook line and sinker for the delicious Sam, and you will not be alone because this man has women falling at his feet.

You see, Sam is movie star but his public persona isn’t all that he is, when you get under the polished exterior, I loved him.

This was a story of what it takes to be the person you want to be, not the person either the public or your family expect you to be. It’s about standing tall with someone beside you that understands and supports you all the way.

I love the way this author takes powerful messages and gives then a field in which to shine.

You will adore alpha Sam and Natalie and they will definitely bring a smile to your face – they did mine.