by Ker Dukey


Ker Dukey… I have no idea how you do it but damn woman you can piece together a story like a demon!

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I opened the book, only because no two Dukey books are ever the same, there is always a unique twist, an unexpected tangent and a character that will knock the wind from my sails.

On this occasion there were was a double whammy so to speak, because both Dalton and Alex were characters with which it was impossible not to become invested. Although in saying that Dalton did manage to hog the majority of my attention, and yes I am shameless enough to admit that.

Dalton is the perfect specimen of alpha male, I don’t thinks he even has to try it just comes naturally to him, it oozes from every pore and bathes him a strength that is impossible to ignore. He had a body made for sin but it was his mind that was his most beautiful feature, the fight to understand why life had treating both him and Alex the way it had, one where you could practically hear the cogs turning in his head, I wanted to dip in to my kindle and just hold his hand, to let him know that folk were rooting for him and that he would be ok, that he did nothing wrong…sometimes people are just misguided.

Him and Alex were Soul mates, two hearts knowing their place but left broken when fate and folk conspire against them

A story of love, longing and learning and boy oh boy did I enjoy the journey this pair took to discover the truth behind the events of their past. But I will say that on occasion, the dark brilliant of Ker Dukey fought to rear its head and there are some scenes that will catch readers by surprise, it is not all sweetness and light… like life, some of this story is tough going!

They have a connection that began in early childhood, that was forged despite the innocence of youth and the interference of an older brother and that connection should have been enough to see them into the flush of adulthood together because that is where they belonged but instead it saw them torn apart and now years later following the death of her father, Alex is back in town and feelings are about to get kicked up a gear!

But can they face each other and find a way to accept what happened, can they be friends, well it does exactly get off to the most auspicious start because if I was her I would have dusted myself down and kicked his butt if he had thrown me out of the bar like he did her! Arrogant ass!

But she loves him, she always has and it is because of those emotions that she is at a loss with how to deal with the world they find themselves in now.

They both have secrets that they hope to keep safely under wraps but life has a way of dishing up the dirt you are desperate to bury and when those secrets come to light, well it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realise that things are never going to be the same again.

They have to deal with the past in order to move forward, but how do you come to terms with those events when everything you thought you knew wasn’t what it seemed!

A book that is the first in the series and that has me itching to get my hands on the next one. It was everything I have come to know and love from Ker Dukey, superbly written with a cast of excellent secondary characters – I mean, OMG…  Six, where have you been all my life!

Topic: Ten by Ker Dukey

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