What Emma Craves

by Amanda Abbott



Ok, this series so far has been a joy, really I have loved each and every one of the stories and this is absolutely no exception.

We have heard about Emma and Pete in earlier books but this all them, it is their story and in some aspects it is them giving their relationship a shot in the arm or a kick up the butt that it needs.

Now, that is not to say that they are niave in the ways of spicing things up – heck they are well versed in all the ways that bring a little something, something to the bedroom.

Not exactly swingers they more aptly like adding extra toppings to enhance their sexual appetite.

But they have and I suppose rightly so, always followed a very precise path when introducing additional couples to their bedroom but it has lead them to keep their desires tightly controlled.

But with their holiday now looming large, they may just be about to take the lid off that control.

While Emma was happy to just spend time together, Pete wanted to make sure that they had the opportunity to sample any merchandise on offer if the mood took them, so hence the fact that they are now in a resort where the wearing of attire is completely optional – so perhaps they will find a little something to help them cover their needs.

But I really felt for Emma in some respects, she just wanted her man to herself for a while and the toll was too much and it eventually all comes pouring out.

It had them in a bad place for a while, one that I really didn’t know if they would be able to find their middle ground again.

But nothing worth having comes easy and they have to face the fact that they need hard work – they need to give more that they are and they have to do it now. To save their marriage.

This is is  sensual, erotic tale of a couple pushing themselves to accept their good and bad times, to want each other enough to face the hard truths and to find a way to keep each other happy.

As with the rest of the books, the ground work – although lightly touched upon for the next book is clear and in this book you also get a peek at a spin off series, really Ms Abbott has this genre singing to her very catchy tune.

Great series, great author – loving it!