by Mary Elizabeth

If I had to sum this book up in just two words, it would be emotional overload.

I loved the whole setting, the synopsis of two emotionally astute or should I say fragile people who are desperately attracted to each other. Gabriella and Teller are like no couple l I have read for a very long time.

They have a level of damage that almost defies logic.

Gabriella has her brother, that is all and she is used to things being that way, right up until Teller walks into her world and things might just never quite be the same again.

Teller is all sorts of damaged, but he is someone that Gabriella can relate too and that is not a normal situation. Friends through thick and thin, they seem destined to always be nothing more than that and in some ways I think I liked that about the two of them.

But the author took their story on a journey that travelled over seven years and like you can imagine…there is a lot that can change in that timeframe. They ventured into something more than friendship at times but it was never completely right and despite the devastation that I often felt for them both I could understand that the pull between them was remarkable.

They belonged to each other in a way that sometimes illogical.

This was a crazy love story of the very highest order, it took everything and threw it in the air and allowed the pieces the opportunity to almost tell their own tale.  Word for word this held my attention from the start to finish.

It spoke powerfully about the depth of not only a relationship but a friendship and although the main characters have some major issues to overcome, I am hands down desperate for the next book.

One of my top books of the year


Topic: Closer by Mary Elizabeth

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