The Assist

by Rebecca Jenshak

There were things about this book that I really liked, and the main thing was the fact that the author shook up the norm.

As you would expect there was the usual angst between college jock and pretty girl, but this was more than that used and abused scenario, because in this book it was Blair, the pretty girl with a big future ahead that needs the help of the smart basketball jock, Wes.

Blair tries everything to get Wes to tutor her, she is smart enough to realise that she needs assistance to pass her class, but I don’t think she realised that Wes wasn’t just going to fall at her feet from the get-go.

The banter between the two of them had me chuckling, I found Blair really quite entertaining, she was a girl that a lot of personality, Wes on the other hand was happy to let the good and great of the year think they knew him and to assume that he was a typical jock, when truth be told he was anything but!

With a super secondary cast of friends, this pair had the usual angst and attitude throughout the book, but the fun was watching as they worked out just how they could both get what they want from their situation.

A fascinating read that was thoroughly enjoyable, well worth picking this one up.


Topic: The Assist by Rebecca Jenshak

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