by Laramie Briscoe

The first in a new series by the talented Ms Briscoe that ties nicely with her previous Moonshine Task Force series in as much in this we get to see the children that appeared in that series and how they have grown.

I liked that there was a familiarity but that it wasn’t over egged, the characters were given the freedom to show us what they were made of and not living in the shadow of the past characters.

I loved the pace the book had and that nothing was over exaggerated, Stella and Ransom were a couple that didn’t need to deploy any tricks as they worked their way from friends to lovers, nope their journey was enough all on its own.

Ransom was almost as epic as his father Havoc was and if I am honest, I found him a little more intense, willing to show his alpha side a tad more readily…woohoo. He loved his role as a K9 officer with the Laurel Springs PD and besides his family and his canine partner Rambo, the only other thing that registered on his radar was the way he felt about Stella, she may have been the sister of his best buddie but that was not going to deter him…he wanted her and he was willing to follow that desire, but was Stella ready to meet him half way?

Well now, whilst I thought Stella was the perfect woman for Ransom but I wasn’t sure that I really liked the fact they were prepared to keep their relationship under wraps from everyone, it seemed a little out of sorts for the pair of them, they were both straight up folk, so the subterfuge was a little at odds with how I pictured them but let’s just say that their plans to keep everyone at arm’s length are certainly tested when life decides to test them and their resolve.

A super read that found what I can only say was the perfect balance, this had everything I look for in a romance, it was chock full of characters who each brought their own unique character to the story but that only enhanced the depth of the main characters, never distracted. Ransom and Stella were superb, especially Ransom, he is just the type of guy that I find impossible to resist.

Fabulous start to a new series, I am looking forward to reading the next book.


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