Released By Shay Savage


With nowhere to go but up, this is the culmination of Liam’s story and I say that deliberately because although Tria is a vital component to the story – this has been all about one beautifully broken man and what it takes for him to work through a lifetime of hurt and pain, to sink to the depths of despair and too finally love himself enough to fight for what he wants most in life.

When you have nothing left, the only place you can go is inside, to look deep within and find a reason to keep going, for Liam that reason was Tria – she was his light, his prize, his reward but in order to have her he had to face facts and do the right thing,

In this we are finally witness to all that is haunting him and it is an ugly past but as hard as it was for him to fight with every breath he has to make a better life and to be a better man for Tri and their child, I was left emotionally distraught when the details of what had happened to him as a teenager was eventually revealed.

I may have previously thought that Liam was a strong man, but now knowing his past he isn’t strong ,no he is a damn superhero, the inner strength he possesses in immense.

But he is not without fault, I thought he was too tough on his folks, they were really trying but he seemed to relish thwarting them at ever opportunity – I actually grew to like them and I have to say they get 10 out of 10 for me for determination when faced with a son that is a right royal pain in the ass.

This is the most emotional of all the books but then again I think that is to be expected. Liam had so much to achieve following on from the end of the last book and they both had so much growing to do together to cultivate a happy ever after. But I was delighted that Tria was willing to continue to be the support that Liam needed and that because of that, he was willing to continue to explore the troubles that had plagued him all his life.

Together they were able to bring out the best in their relationship and to be the support that each other needed.

I have loved the journey with this emotionally vulnerable man and I have been cheering him on all the way, he hasn’t been an easy read, he has taken time and patience but I have always had my fingers crossed that the man I got at the end of the book was the man that I had pictured in my head, one that was with a woman that adored him and one that he was willing to love himself… I think Shay managed to give me that when she signed off with Liam, I could do so too with a smile on my face and a happy tear on my cheek.