K. Webster and Elle Christensen


I was gifted a copy of this book in return for an honest review and I have to say that I am very thankful that I was because the book is fantastic.

Jossalyn Parker is a ghost, a foot in the past that Jill Anderson no longer has the luxury of being able to recall, because her past, her life a Joss has been taken away, she has to start again and none of it is her doing.

Life had been everything that she could have ever thought possible but all that goes to hell when her dad refuses to give up what he knows.. the password to a program.

His actions mean that she is in imminent danger and in order to keep her safe he does what any parent would do – whatever it takes to protect her. The only difference is that his measures are more extreme than anyone could possible imagine, he erases the fact that she has ever existed.

But she has a hero in her corner, a protector that if she had the sense she was born with would initially have her running for the hills but there is something about this sexy man that just draws not only the reader but Jill to him like a moth to the flame.

Derek Slade, is a comfort blanket for her, but who is he?

Derek is an enigma, he has a past that you only get a glimpse of but this mysterious man has a heart that knows no bounds and a dedication to his task that nothing is going to stop him from fulfilling.

Derek runs the bar but now is job is to protect Jill (Joss). What he didn’t mean to do was develop feelings for her. Can he keep this purely platonic?

Jill fights him tooth and nail, cut loose from her father and his control, she initially finds living with the restraints of Derek’s protection stifling but determined to shake his control, she takes the bull by the horns and shakes things up a bit…but this young lady is definitely not playing by Derek’s rules. But then again much like Derek, the one thing that Jill cannot fight is the fact that she is drawn to him, he is everything that her boyfriend Kent isn’t and he makes every one of her senses come to life.

The connection between them and the constant love/hate made for an intriguing read. I mean they gave us every emotion and they gave it in spades. The enormity of both the situation and their feelings was truly overwhelming for them both and that only made me love the whole situation more.  

Derek was fabulous, he was a joy to read, his internal struggle was one that I knew that he didn’t have a hope in hell of ever winning, he had fallen in love with Jill. That is not to say that he was perfect, he broke her heart on one occasion especially that had me considering whether not only would she be able to forgive him but whether I could too.

Overall the book is a winner from start to finish. It will hold your attention from the first word until the last and it will have not only your mind working overtime but your heart in your mouth. The suspense throughout the book had me held hostage, fighting my need to turn the page and devour ever word.