Marine for Hire by Tawna Fanske


Marine for Hire- A Front and Centre Novel by Tawna Fenske

Marine Sam Kercher helps friend and colleague Mac out when he agrees to keep an eye on his sister Sheri for two weeks.

Sheri(Sheridan) is a recently divorced, mother of 7 month old twin boys. Her ex husband may be out of the picture but his potential to cause upset is potent - Tawna gives us just enough of an insight into his slightly unhinged personal - the man is a fruit loop!

The story has some laugh out loud dialogue and some hillarious observations.

The conversations between Sheri and her best friend Kelli are just brilliant - the pair of them are just so funny.

The situation itself took a little bit of getting to grips with - I had to think to myself- Just how I would feel if my sibling rocked up at my front door with a drop dead gorgeous man in tow and proceeded to tell me that this said man was to be my new "manny"- I'm not sure how us in the normal world would accept it but Sheridan seems to take it in her stride - to a fashion. Mind you thinking about it- what am I on about - would any sane woman turn that offer down.

Sam and Sheridan have met before but many years previously and Sam recalls her fondly. Mac made him promise to keep his hands off Sheridan but that is perhaps an ask too far for his friend.

Their attraction is instant and intense and once that barrier has been crossed there is no going back.

Sam plays his part and his interaction with the twins is delightful. A burly marine on diaper duty is just fabulous. Sam does his best, he is no stranger to children, coming from a large family himself but he is no domestic goddess,his kitchen calamities are so funny but his care for the children and Sheridan is so touching.

The showdown with Sheridan's ex-husband is well handled and finally shows us Sheridan's strength.

A sweet story that made my soul chuckle!

Rating 4 out of 5