by J.C. Valentine

This was the perfect ending for Nash and Vivian, it gave them time to work through what they had going on in their lives and boy did they have a whole lot to get to grips with.

They might have both had a stubborn streak a mile long running straight through them but that didn’t mean they did have the fortitude to make their happy ever after happen, even if it was a little while in the making.

I both laughed and cried at their antics, they broke my heart on more than one occasion, but I couldn’t have wished to have been in better company they were delightful.

Superbly written this was the perfect antidote to a winter’s day, I found myself being absorbed by the storyline. I loved the fact that this was told from Nash’s perspective, it was clever of the author to give them both the opportunity to have their say, Vivian got to put her perspective across in the first book and it was Nash’s turn this time and he didn’t waste a single second.

A great end to the duo, a fabulous read that is not only wonderfully descriptive but also emotionally charged.


Topic: STAYING HOME by J.C. Valentine

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