To See You

by Rachel Blaufeld


Don’t think for one minute that you will have read anything like this in the past, yes you may have read similar storylines but this author has a style all of her own and it is one that catapults her work into a sphere that is almost unique.

I find stories told from a first person perspective really engaging, I like the connection that the narrative gives me with the character, for me it is deeper than a more obscure or elective means of delivery and it hits hard.

The main characters Layton and Charli are slowly pieced together on the page, almost every paragraph bringing another morsel of detail to their story, another thread of who they are, desperately trying to knit their lives together.

They are so different that I just knew that together they would be glorious but they had a lot of ground to make up to even make it to the starting line, never mind getting on the same page. Both of them had more than enough going on in their lives already, they had careers that almost dominated them but when they meet they were mere passengers on their own journey because once the ball had started rolling there was no going back.

I liked the fact that they took their time to reach the inevitable destination, I liked that Layton was just your average guy, yes he had his likes and dislikes, his quirks and foibles but he didn’t beat his chest and mark his territory so to speak, he was just him and I really liked the fact that I could relate to him.

But could I relate to Charli in the same way? OMG Yes.

The revelled in the journey they took to actually take their time and see each other, to look underneath the surface and see the real person hiding beneath the day to day drudgery and demands. Yes, they had problems and pains but nothing worth having ever comes easy and by following the path she did I think the author was able to re-inforce that understanding because what they salvage from their melee is quite simply beautiful.

The book is fabulous, the characters are realistic and enchanting but the star of this show is the author.

Her method, her ideology, her formidable aptitude for allowing the reader to see below the surface, to catch the hidden meanings and to experience the humanity of not only what she has written but how she has written it.

I can only imagine the process she goes through in developing her characters but I whole heartedly thank her for a story not only well told but socially astute and completely consuming. This is real life in all its many guises and nobody does it better!

Topic: To See You by Rachel Blaufeld

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