Conflict of Interest 2

by Gisell De Jesus


The end of the first book left me with my chin on the floor and my heart on my mouth, so I was delighted that it picked straight up from where the first book left off.

I was gasping to find out what had happened following Evan’s accident.

Evan and Natalia were a great pair, they just seemed to complement each other and Evan, and despite his finely honed alpha tendencies he was besotted by her and treated her so. I completely fell in love with him.

Marissa reared her head in this one and it was not a welcome addition – I truly despise the woman but was relieved when her honestly repulsive behaviour gets its just rewards… she was a complete and utter fruit loop!!

The book is short and easily read in one sitting and it leaves you with an ending that will bring a smile to your face and hope that there might just be a little more left in the tank for the two of them.