The Girl

by K Larsen


I hadn’t read the previous book The Tutor when I picked this up and dove in and I may have garnered more from having had that under my belt to start with but I can honestly say that in the scheme of things I don’t actually think it detracted from this…I don’t think anything could, it was a beautifully, emotional story!
Lotte ( Charlotte ) and Dallas both have pasts that have been and in some respects continue to be troubling …so two such fractured individuals together was always going to be a turbulent ride, little did I know or could u ever have comprehended just how much, they were astonishing and their story was one that I couldn’t tear myself away from
The angst that the pair of them experienced, the darkness that almost shrouded the two of them was only punctuated by the desire that seemed to just highlight their souls, the need that was so prevalent that they had found in each other…but having each other was never going to be straight forward or easy and I could only pray that they had the strength to find their way. It was going to be a rough ride that was clear.
Two young people who whilst it would appear were polar opposites in many respects, could also be described as being the most perfect of soul mates, the connection between them bore each of these theories out in equal measure.
Quintessential good girl Lottie, but living on the verges of acceptance by her peers and the new kid, and social outcast Dallas were everything that they could and should have been, they were when their sh**ty lives had left them, the misfortunes that had been bestowed upon them had led Lottie to a period so dark that she was barely hanging on and as for Dallas, he has had his issues, a life without a family so to speak, or at least anyone who he could count on, he has felt the long arm of the law and paid the price for that but now he again stands on the precipice of being alone, forced through nothing more than his age to leave the his home, I was staggered at just how many times I had to stop and catch my breath with the detail of what I was reading with this pair, they had and continued to go through so much that it was almost too much to comprehend at times.
I couldn’t help but wonder if this pair stood a cat in he**’s chance of being able to make what they were feeling work? But darn it I was determined to find out and had my fingers crossed for the pair of them most of the read.
Evocative and bruising, this is not completely angst riddled but it isn’t far off, this isn’t an easy read because it touches on the pain that the two of them have experienced and that is not pleasant but it is inspirational and it shows that from such hardship come the opportunity to forge a new life, a better life, a life that you not only want but on that you deserve.
Exceptional writing, this is one that is fully deserving of 5 stars and should not be missed.

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