Seducing Cinderella by Gina L Maxwell


Started this series back to front when I read Fighting for Irish first but having enjoyed that novel I thought I should really catch up on the whole series.

So the book centred around Reid Andrews an injured MMA fighter desperate to get back in the octagon to retain his title before he is too old to hold his own with the young guys entering the sport. His physiotherapist ends up being away from his training camp due to a family issue and in order to remedy the situation, Reid makes the decision to find another therapist to work with - he has 8 weeks and can't afford to waste on day.

Reid makes an appointment with Lucie Miller - little does he know than that she is the sister of his best friend and someone that he has known since childhood - an illfated adn very shortlived marriage means that the change of name had him flumoxed.

Lucie agrees to help Reid get back into shape, in time for the fight but in return Reid agrees to help her in her quest to seduce one of her collegues that she has her eye on, not that he deserves to ahve anyone interested in him he is truely obnoxious!.

Lucie takes leave from work and Reid moves into her apartment with her and that my friends is where the fun begins. The chemistry between them is electric - absolutely scortching hot and as hard as they try to be just friends itw as never going to be enough.

Reid is every inch of Alpha male but he cares for Lucie and does his very best to help her on her quest, even after he knows that she is it for him - he feels that he isn't good enough for her and in order to be a better man, he walks away.

Lucie on the other hand, i snot an easy character to get a handle on- racked with low self esteem following a disasterous marriage,she is just too.....oh I don't know -perhaps pathetic at times is the word I am looking for and boy is she insensitive! When she inadvertantly brings up Stephen while Reid is showing her his painting of her - I was shouting at my screen - at that point the woman was being a complete moron!

In the end the pair of them eventually make their way back to each other but again it is Reid that leads the way in that respect.

I would say that the story while good - it didnt blow me away ( I didn't find it as good as Fighting For Irish) but it is a good read, with decent characters and a sweet story - oh and it has one amazing thing - it has Reid Andrews!!


Rating 3.5 out of 5