Send Me a Cowboy

by Joann Baker and Patricia Mason


Not my normal fair but noticed a recommendation on Facebook for a short, good read and though I’d have a look.

Katie Lenard is a shy accountant who just happens to be a shade larger than society thinks is beautiful and because of that she is full of self-doubt. She has nothing to worry about but worry she does and with Valentine’s Day fast approaching, her best friend and boss at the accountancy company steps in to give cupid a helping hand.

Katie believes in love and romance but also believes that fat girls don’t get chocolates and flowers for Valentines. She just wants someone to love her, no matter what her size is.

John Kincaid is everything that Katie would pick for herself if she had the chance, he is handsome, rich and sexy as they come but factor in the fact that he comes from cowboy stock and has a preference for a plus size woman and you would think that all Katie’s prayers had been answered.

Not necessarily the case.

John Kincaid is a miserable swine, he had a rough start in life when his parents passed away and he and his younger brother eventually ended up with their grandfather at his ranch. Unfortunately barely out of his teens, his grandfather passes away and leaves John to care for his younger brother and the ranch. Determined to succeed, john literally took the bull by the horns and worked to turn around the failing ranch and provide a future for his brother and himself. The discovery of both gas and oil on the property means that the brothers have more money than they know what to do with but with it comes responsibility and John is nothing if not responsible. He keeps is emotions in check and has little time for the romantic trappings of life. But all that is about to change, when the doeful Katie Lenard ensconces herself in his life and makes him think again.

The chemistry between them is electric, He is every inch the business man and she the romantic, but knowledgeable career girl. He is mean to her initially but not on a personal level, he dissects her work meticulously in a vain hope to find fault but Katie is nothing if not thorough and her work is her pride – find fault Pah!!– not a chance!.

They make a strong pair eventually, and John gets his act together in a spectacular way, when he woes his woman on Valentines Day in the most romantic fashion.

The story had potential and legs to be longer than it was. I loved the characters, I thought Katie was funny and feisty and while John spent much of his time with what appeared to be a stick up his arse, he got there in the end.

I would have liked the story to have carried more weight ,it had more to give of that I am sure. With the inclusion of John’s brother it could well have the makings of a series centred around them and their ranch.

Overall a romantic pick me up on a rainy day but I won’t say could have been better – it just needed to be longer!

Rating 3 out of 5