Breaking Emily's Rules

by Heatherly Bell

This certain fulfilled its promise as a contemporary romance, it was just what I would have both wanted and expected from a story that seemed to be bursting at the seams to make me happy.

Emily had reason to be the way she was, her rules were her defence mechanism, her way of keeping her heart safe and sound, to stop anyone from hurting her again, after all she had already been down that route and treading the same path again was not an option.

But what is it they say about the best laid plans…they have a habit of falling apart when you least expect it. Emily didn’t want a relationship, shin fact she wanted as little as possible to do with men as possible but romantic involvement, no chance. Well that was until Stone McAllister because the strapping Air Force Sergeant was just what she never knew she needed.

Now I would have loved it at that point if she could have just settle din, brought about their happy ending and that was it a done deal, I could bask in the delight of all things being fabulous but life isn’t like that and neither does it make for enjoyable reading, nope the author threw a little angst into the plot and I was hooked again. This time I just wanted to see if Stone to manage to wrangle Emily into staying put, her propensity for slipping thorough his fingers was not only futile but dang he must have been exhausted!

There was enough chemistry between the pair of them to see them well into their old age but they had to get there first, they had to find their way to a future that her rules seemed determine to rule out!

Would they make it work?

Well I think you ought to give them a try, you might just be surprised at where they take you.

With its snappy pace and fabulously descriptive prose, I think this was the perfect mix for the genre, it made me laugh and smile in equal measure and had me fanning my face on more than one occasion.

Delightfully romantic, thorough recommended.

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