Finding Bliss by BJ Harvey


Being called the Walking Dildo is not always a good thing......

Noah Taylor is a surgeon, a man with a reputation with the ladies, most of all though he is a man who finally wants to settle down.

Who would have ever thought that would happen, not any of his friends that's for sure!!!!!

This book is part of a series and if you have read the others you have already met all of his friends, if not you should.....

Noah was once a friend with a serious benefit, one of 3 that went out with Mac.

Mac is now marrying his best friend Daniel and it is at the wedding that Noah realises he wants more from life and that the girl he has been in love with for 15 years, Nikki is only with him as a way to stay close to Daniel who is the one she really loves. 

In a drunken stumble to get some fresh air he bumps into the girl who is about to change his life, kisses her and then in his inebriated state promptly forgets all about her......

Zoe is running scared, leaving her old life to escape an obsessive ex she goes to live with her brother and his girlfriend Kate. Kate is Macs best friend and Zander was one of the 3 friends with benefits. 

When she starts her new job at the hospital and runs into Noah she can't quite believe he doesn't seem to remember her and the kiss that was possibly the best of her life. 

Even without this knowledge Noah wants to get to know Zoe better, not sure how its going to happen though with big brother warning him off, the Walking Dildo reputation is becoming a stumbling block!!!!!

Noah doesn't give up, Zoe fancies the pants off him and with a lot of sneaking around they manage to get together and realise that this is what they have both been looking for. 

What with a scary, protective brother and a crazy, stalker ex you can gather that the course of true love won't be a smooth, easy one for this pair. In the end though its all worth it when you are Finding Bliss.....

I absolutely love this series and give this book 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Reviewed by Sue