Ryan's Love by CA Harms

This book was so good, I’ve read it twice already!

I ploughed my way through it when I first got it after reading just the first few chapters, honestly it was a late night I wanted to see what was going to happen but a week later I did the sensible thing and took a second bite at the cherry and read it one lazy Sunday, this is the perfect book to spend the day with.

Ryan lost his wife Claire, the love of his life way too soon and left alone with his daughter Olivia he has fought to be the father she needed and that his wife would have wanted for her.

His world spins on the axis of Olivia, he has nothing but his work as a police officer and his family and his reason to breathe… Olivia.

But as the years have passed he has only ever concentrated on what she needs, completely forgoing anything or anyone for himself but Olivia is a teenager now and she is stepping into adulthood with both feet and Ryan can feel his grip on his baby girl is slipping, it is a far from easy time for them both, despite the close bond that they have.

Ryan has never shown any interest in forming any relationship, his life ended when Claire took her last breath but can a new breeze that has just blown into town, be just what this beautiful man needs to blow away the cobwebs and wake up his slumbering libido.

Amber has upped sticks and moved across the country to take up the reigns at the bakery she was left when her grandma passed away. She has been living or should I say existing in the city but with parents that were a shadow in her life, she has no ties to anyone, she barely remembers a happy day in her childhood, this is her chance to make herself happy!

Can she make this work… sure she can?

But a random meeting over a flat tyre with Ryan, has her fresh start taking on a whole new direction. Because there is just something that sparks between the two of them that means the future has just got a whole lot more complicated.

Ryan was a beautiful character, a kind, considerate man that had suffered for too long, that had kept his heart under lock and key and deserved real happiness and with Amber he had that opportunity.

Amber, well I want to be that woman, she was astonishing. Her capacity to give was just spectacular.

But could they find a way to have what would definitely be future that deserved to be written about?

This was an emotional read, it was all about second chances, about love and loss, about connection and confrontation. It showed that moving on isn’t about forgetting it is about incorporating, about combining what you had with what you want now to give you everything you need in the future.

I am so happy that Ryan has brothers and that this is just book one, because I cannot wait to see what the author has in store for the rest of the family.

But I hope it is Jackson and Bailey – Amber’s best friend – because this cocky pair are positively combustible.