by Nicole French

From almost the first paragraph I felt this book, I knew that I wasn’t just going to read this, it would be something to experience. It didn’t have to shout it intensity from the rooftops, no, nothing so vulgar, this beautiful read was more surreptitious than that, it seeped its way from the page, travelling straight to my soul.

The author didn’t leave anything to chance and she didn’t leave the reader hanging about either, from early doors, the main characters were laid bare and I think that made them all the better for it.

Their faults and secrets were there for me to digest and adapt too. Neither of them was particularly well acquainted with the truth, their pasts ensuring that they wore a cloak of lies around their lives like a barricade. But walls built to keep the world at bay can be demolished just as quickly as they are erected, when the right person is the one kicking away at the foundations…the question was whether Will and Maggie were the ones to let it all come tumbling into place?

I liked both Will and Maggie, they were complicated characters, the author gave the personality and from them both that shone off the page…good and bad, believe me there are some things about them both that will have you reaching for the vodka, they frustrated me at times!

With a pace that was easy to enjoy, this was more than I had anticipated and left me scratching my head and counting the day until the next part of the duet is release.

There is a lot more to come from this pair and knowing just how good they have been so far, I cannot wait to get stuck into the remainder of their journey.


Topic: Discreet by Nicole French

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