Hearts & Daggers Anthology

A collection for short dark(ish) reads from some of the most prolific and talented author in the genre, this was the perfect read to keep me company of a wild and windy afternoon.

So what do you get? You get a whole heap of fantastic stories and while they are all superb, I will pick out my favourite below.

Dirty by Kimberly Blalock – well this little beauty hit me right in the solar plexus straight off the bat and it didn’t let up from start to finish, it was just phenomenal. Really ladies, you have got to get your hands on Mr Black.

Repentance by Cassia Brightmore – I can say nothing other than the fact that this book is UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!

Insurmountable by Skye Callahan- I’m running out of superlatives now, I was blown away by Miles and Alley, this pair had me hooked.

The Matchmaker by Heather Dahlgren- heck, I’m lost! This is a new author to me but damn woman, I can’t wait to get my hand on more of your work! This is a super story, fabulously written…blew me away!

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