Chasing Midnight by Shyloh and Alex Morgan

The story is as much about the town as it is about the characters, I liked the fact that the author took time to introduce the town first and then allowed the story to develop from there with me the reader having an understanding of the dynamics of the south.

I love this sort of book, it is so far away from my normal life that I can fully immerse myself in a life that I have no chance of ever experiencing but have a hankering that deep down I know I would love, all that good old fashioned southern hospitality, it sings to me – where you find yourself a real man and he loves the ground you walk on or is that just the hopeless romantic in me?

Mhisery Bellamy walked away from Midnight the first chance she got to find her dream in New York but family tragedy has her back in town and counting the days until she can get back to the city that she loves. Her father is slowly drinking himself to death following her mother’s passing and her siblings need all the help they can get.

Quinn Mason knows what it is like to put your life on hold in order to step up to your family responsibilities, he lost not only his parents the night they had a traffic accident but he lost the sporting future he had dreamed of. Because he quit college and headed home to keep his family together, taking care of his brother and sisters.

Quinn was no stranger to the ladies in Midnight but when he sees Mhisery step off the bus in the town he has other priorities, because his interest has just been peaked.

Mhisery is everything this little town can’t handle, she has filled out her washboard shape and has more ink and piercings that probably the whole town together – or so she thought but the locals are wary of her and her appearance and are quick to judge, not something that Mhisery is able to handle well.

Life in Midnight is not what this city girl is used too now and no matter what she is going back at the first available opportunity. But can a certain Mr Mason change her mind? Well he is going to put that southern charm to good use and to do his utmost to make her see that she is exactly where she needs to be.

Mhisery and Quinn’s journey is a great read , one that evolves, twists and turns, that will have you rooting for them and frustrated for them in equal measure.

But leaving just Quinn and Mhisery aside I have to say that the story is complicated but not in a detrimental way. I say this because the book is what I can only describe as being word rich, it is sea of details and information, there are a lot of characters involved in the tale and they all have their own storylines developing, but of them all that still have a story to come, I absolutely loved Chance – he was a fabulous character, one that pulled me to him and I wanted to get to know him better. I also liked Clay, the local sheriff with the sneaky peek that we get into his sexual preferences at the end of this book, I can’t wait to see what the good old Midnight townsfolk make of his lifestyle if that ever comes to light.

This has the legs to run and run for a long time and has enough characters to mean that getting bored or flat is not likely to be an option.

Congratulations to the authors on what can only be described as an epic volume of work