Solid Stone: Odyssey


I read the first book in the series, so when this one came up I was chomping at the bit to get stuck in.

We are back with Violet and Adam and while I like them both I did think that Adam needs to learn to let loose a bit.  I got that he wanted to ensure that Violet wanted for nothing, but he was so full on that I think, putting myself in Violet’s place I would have found him hard work.

The story has moved on and now they are living together and as much as that on its own is a huge step there was more to come and the pace and path of their relationship is not easing up anytime soon.

Violet, wow woman what the heck are you playing at, I got that she was coming to terms with her submissive role but I found that I really wanted to give her a darn good shake, I struggled with the fact that while she was more than able to get her opinion across with Adam when she wanted too, most of the time she just seemed to be almost playing along, I didn’t like her attitude at times, I thought she was playing a dangerous game with not only her but his emotions.

I wanted more of a commitment from her but I got the feeling that there was something holding her back that I just couldn’t put my finger on. I know she was finding her feet as a submissive but, I wanted her to keep him on his toes and I know she could, so I think that is what frustrated me. Before you start yelling, I get it is just a book, but the story is really good and the characters really spoke to me and at times Violet just irked me.

Adam on the other hand was perfectly able to make sure that she knew exactly where he was coming from and his imagination had me raising an eyebrow on more than one occasion, this guy between the sheets was relentless.

So, the lilt of the story was steady, they were given more than enough time to bring their side of their situation to the table and the author also continued to pepper the story with little snippets about of the mystery of who was meddling, of who was sending the messages but cruelly despite the ideas I had running rampant through my brain, that who scenario was left tenuously unanswered although my imagination is playing havoc with me at the minute, desperate for me to draw my own conclusions.

And then we get to the ending…I’m seething!!! Not that there is a cliff-hanger no, I think that played well with the story, it the fact I have to wait….to see if I’m right!

Can we have the next book now pleaseeeeeeeeeeee????????

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