Delicious Satisfaction

by Sabrina Sol

From the outset the sparks flew with this pair and it was no surprise that the outcome was a read that was totally delicious.

I have read other works by this author and I will admit that I am a firm fan, so I expected exactly what I got a fantastic read that had me reaching for the button and looking for more of her work.

The situation between Dante and Alexa has been a long time in the making but in my opinion, that only served to ensure that when they finally got their act together the outcome was nothing short of incendiary.

I read with both anticipation and fervour, desperate to get my hands on them and what their connection had to bring and I will admit that was totally absorbed in what they had to offer.

Their relationship was everything I thought it would be and more because when they finally moved from being friends to lovers, dirty mouthed Dante was able to turn the delicious Alexa to putty in is hands…lucky her!


Topic: Delicious Satisfaction by Sabrina Sol

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