by Sarah O'Rourke

From start to finish there is an element of anticipation that is impossible to shake, the author never lets the reader off the hook with the intensity of the story, so I would say that this is one that you have to be wary of…it holds nothing back.

There are romance or love stories call them what you will and then there are the ones that are determined to bring something more to the page and with this I would have to say that it is firmly entrenched in the latter category because this author packed this book with everything she possibly could and it was all the better for that attention to detail.

The characters and storyline were perfectly executed, the detail was absolutely on point and the emotions that the story managed to engage… well, I was on the edge of my seat, so I have no idea how Matt and Brenna managed.

These were characters that were super smart, with jobs that were not only dangerous but demanding, they were both FBI profilers so getting a handle on each other you would have thought as all in a day’s work…nope!

Years working together have allowed them to develop and an almost beautifully telepathic connection? They don’t need words; they are so attuned that they can almost feel how they each feel. going on.

But???   I can hear you yelling “What else?”

And believe me there is plenty more that could be said but I’d be cruel to give you any spoilers, this is a best served completely fresh and untainted sort of book, the hint the author gave in the blurb was all it took to pique my interest and I hope the same can be said for you. This is a pair of super characters that you really should spend the afternoon with! You will be glad you did.

Topic: Heartbeats by Sarah O'Rourke

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