Curtis by Nicole Edwards

I’ve often wondered what shaped the Walker boys from the Alluring Indulgence series into the men that I have come to absolutely adore, now having read Curtis, I don’t think I could have possibly expected them to turn out any other way, they learnt at the knee of a master romantic and the world is a better place for it.

This man’s capacity to love knows no bounds, and neither does their mother Lorrie, but getting to read the emotion behind their love story and I make no bones about it, theirs’ is the consummate love story!

It doesn’t get much more powerful than what they have been through since Lorrie was a mere slip of a girl at just 14 years old.

I loved the path that we got to travel with not only Curtis and Lorrie but their boys as the story flitted back and forth between the path of the past and the events that they were being engulfed by in the present.

I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to the Walkers when I closed the book on the last of the boys, but I never thought I would enjoy the story of their parents as much as I did, the author didn’t hold back, she brought so much details to the story, so much emotion and boy, these old timers could certainly put a flush on the cheeks of any of their boys with their sexy exploits.

Curtis truly worshipped his wife, she was the absolute light in his life and the possibility of being without her was a pin that he wasn’t prepared to cope with, neither were his sons. But this woman was made of tough stuff and with everything they had been through, I had my heart in my mouth that their time together wasn’t about to come to an end.

I shed a tear on more than one occasion as I made my way through the decades, through the trials and tribulations that they endured and through both the joy and sadness that life had given them.

I don’t know how Nicole Edwards does it but she is able to give me characters that I cannot help but fall in love with, I feel owed by the time I have finished one of her books.

And on this occasion, I finished the book, happy knowing that Coyote Ridge has so much more to give…Yippee!!!!

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