Winter in August by Mia Villano

This is one that will give your emotions a complete work out.

While I may think I laughed and cried in equal measure… I know for certain that I fell in love with Colt. He was fabulous, because not only was he superhot and super rich, he was also super devoted to Gabriella(Gabby)

Gabby was impossible not to feel emotionally connected with, she had been through so much that I completely understood why she had such a hard time letting anyone in. Her painful past had left her with a will of iron, an absolutely determination in everything she did and as much as she used her attitude to hide behind, it also meant that she could enjoy herself sure in the knowledge that she was safe behind her carefully constructed walls. That was until Colt because he was chipping away at everything she thought she knew and he was relentless.

Colt and Gabby were in almost every aspect of life that counted…poles apart but they had a connection that defied description. They sparked something in each other that refused to play by the rules.

Colt refused to allow her anxieties to distract him, every time she seemed to pull away he would reign her in almost, he refused to allow her to go through her heartaches alone, there had been enough and he was all set to make sure that there would be no more. He was going to give her everything she needed, whether she knew it or not.

The author nailed the heat factor in this story, she played their physical chemistry to absolute perfection they were passages in the book that I think I needed a cold shower after reading!

The story covered all the points that I want from a kick a$$ book, it was funny, emotional and highly entertaining, this is one that you should not miss!!


Topic: Winter in August by Mia Villano

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