Callous by Xavier Neal

The Senses Series has been an amazing find, one that I am completely and hopelessly addicted to.

I adore the writing style, the characterization and flow of the whole story. I am besotted by the magnificent Logan Kellar and his firecracker of a wife Maxx- how happy am I that they got their happy ever after- ecstatic, that’s how happy!!!

But in this book 6 of the series, the story swings to Erin and CJ. But the rest of the “family”, Luke, Dean and Stuart, Tony and of course Logan and Maxx are very much included in the tale.

CJ and Erin have skirted around each other for so long I wasn’t actually sure they were ever going to get their act together but sometimes it is the case of wanting what you don’t want, and while CJ wants her with every fibre in his body, Erin has a tougher shell to crack, one that he has cocooned herself in and even she doesn’t think there is a way through.

But when his hand is forced and his life before he came to the bar is waved before his face as a threat, his will power evaporates and Erin’s armour is about to be taken apart, piece by piece because this reluctant legal eagle is not letting his chance to have her slip away, and now his days are numbered he has to get a wiggle on!

Secrets surround the pair of them but they are closer in nature that we would have ever believed, when their pasts are eventually divulged it was quite unnerving just how close the two of them actually are, had Erin’s parents still been alive they could very well have mixed in very similar circles.

The sex between the two of them is off the chart, hell the book should be sold with a fan included!

But with only a thirty day arrangement between them, CJ fears the fact that the will have to leave and have nothing to come back too and Erin fears the fact that she is feeling things that she had always pretended were not for her.

I loved the fact that their secrets were teased from them and that they both had agendas that were running parallel to what as a reader you had your fingers crossed for.

I wanted them to find a way to make it work, I just hadn’t anticipated the way that the author opened them up and not only drew them closer to each other but enabled them to show by addressing the things that had been holding them back that the changes were made because and only because of the feelings that they were experiencing for each other.

Erin did a complete about turn and I was cheering her all the way. Sometimes getting your happy ever after costs you everything you have but those happy ever afters last a lifetime.

I have to say that I appreciated the fact that Xavier kept the rest of the gang prominently positioned in the story, reading about Maxx and her pregnancy made me smile, Logan and Dean, well what can I say, their continuing bond as father and son- simply astonishing, he really is a mini Logan- his book ( which I hope we get) will be fantastic, Luke too ever present and Stuart who I hadn’t paid much attention to before but who is CJ’s shoulder to lean on in this book (and who definitely has an interesting tale unfolding for him).

I LOVE this series and I cannot recommend it enough.

Logan Kellar stole my heart in the earlier novels and he is refusing to give it back – not that I would want it anyway but I have to admit that CJ and his dirty, demanding mouth are running a close second.

Simply Superb!!!!