Waking Up in Vegas

by Natasha Preston

There are many words that I could use to describe how this book made me feel but I think if I have to narrow it down to one, I would say that one word would be…happy.

Brody and Wren were hilarious, their story was full to the brim with not only angst and attitude but also a level of sexual tension that was everything that I could have possibly wished for.

The writing was super clever, the drama cleverly created and delivered with cutting accuracy, I wanted a story that would entertain on all levels and I got it.

So, who were Brody and Wren, well Brody was a sullen soul at times, but that didn’t mean that he wasn’t a likeable character, far from it he had me totally hooked and thoroughly besotted by him.

I got why the whole Vegas situation was so enormous for them both but boy, did he manage to put his foot in it with monotonous regularity and I don’t know that he always meant to…I just think he didn’t actually know how to say what he needed too, after all it wasn’t exactly a situation he was familiar with and expression his feelings was an alien concept for him. But his ineptitude was good for one think…it kept him and the story unpredictable…especially when he concludes that having a wife may be a good thing after all.

Wren was a kid, the eighteen year only little sister who just had to tag along with her brother and his friends in Vegas, but she was soon to learn that despite the saying that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, that doesn’t seem to count when the extra you are bringing home is a husband. She was mortified when she realised what they had done and wanted nothing more than to wipe the whole situation from her memory ( and the record books) but there was so much to go through before the possibility of that could ever be considered because despite the initial shock…underneath there were genuine feelings to deal with and those were determined to have their say on which way this young couple were headed.

A funny, read that left me keen to read more.


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