How to Liv by Megan Smith



How to Liv by Megan Smith

The epitome of an Aussie chick – Olivia or Liv as we come to know her is everything you would expect. A hard working, stuck in a rut Sheila who wants just one thing in life - Love. Life has trampled all over her heart in the past so now she works hard and plays harder but all the time keeping her very fragile heart firmly shut away. Her confidence along with her heart was shattered by the events of the past but that is something that she has absolutely no intension of sharing with anyone – so on goes the happy face and she confronts life full on or almost full on should I say.

It is obvious that Liv is treading water but taking that final step is a step too far in her mind at the moment. She works hard – really hard, lucky that most of her work colleague complete her inner circle of friends but we are privilege to the fact that there is a void in her life that she would love to fill but she just can’t find the courage. What she needs is the love of a good man, a gentle and loving man who can show her what it is like to be cherished and loved for being her.

Where do you meet someone like that – in Liv’s case it’s in among the Tim Tam’s at the supermarket of course!

Joel would tick every box in any woman’s little black book – a hot, super sexy fella with so much compassion and patience that he could have been moulded especially for Liv. But super sceptical Liv won’t fall for his charm easily – she is used to hanging around on the back foot, waiting for the hammer to fall and her heart to be broken again.

The journey you take through their blossoming romance is so sweet – it is like watching a couple of school kids taking their fumbling meander into their first relationships – it is so beautiful. As their relationship opens before us we are guided through it with such feeling that it is fabulous to read. The two of them are just so funny and so sensitive but there is an undercurrent that is hard to ignore – one that sort of implies that not everything is as it seems.

Joel has baggage, something in his past that frightens him and that he believes will deprive him of the happiness he wants with Liv. The only issue is that with Liv’s background- secrets and lies are never going to work, they are the so called deal breaker in her mind.

But can she forgive him if he keeps something from her for fear of losing her – well you need to read to find out!

There are some fantastic secondary characters – I loved Drew and his wife Raelene, they are just a hoot.

Rating 4 out of 5