Perfect Imperfections

by J & L Wells

This was a creeper, a slow burning romance that played its card very close to its chest and seemd to delight in teasing the details out page by page.

After a decade together Natasha and her fiancé Josh are getting ready to tie the knot, everything is ready and the day is fast approaching when they can say their I do’s and settle down to their own happy ever after…or at least that was what Natasha thought the plan was because it soon turns out that her happy ever after isn’t around the corner anyway, well definitely not with Josh.

Before everything goes to he*l in a handbasket Natasha commissions a painting as a gift for Josh and a local artist Gabriel is the one tasked with its creation but as things slowly turn from happiness to horror, the pair of them form a bond that I don’t believe either of them could have possibly seen coming. Theirs is a friendship that is forged under the most difficult of circumstances and despite the fact that Gabriel is hardly known for his warm and friendly demeanour, with Natasha things are different.

Gabriel was a bit on the prickly side to start with, he had his reasons, one of which seemed to be that he was constantly on the defensive about his failing vision and I understood how for a person so entrenched in a visual art, that must have been difficult to deal with but as awkward as he could be, when she needed someone to lean on and he wanted that person to be him and he was more than willing to be the friend she need.

As I said earlier this was a creeper, it took its time to let go of all its secrets but it was worth the wait, there was a twist or two along the way and a few moments that will tug at your heartstrings. Emotionally this was a journey well-travelled in perfect company!

Topic: Perfect Imperfections by J & L Wells

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