Kiss My Crown

by Alexis Noelle


If you think you know Alexis Noelle than I strongly urge you to think again because this is nothing like any of her previous work. I have read and reviewed so many of Ms Noelle’s books that I thought I knew her style inside out but boy was I wrong, I didn’t see this little beauty coming until it was too late and the giggles had set in.

The whole idea is one that had me chuckling to myself for much of the story, Kate has every little girl’s dream job, working at the theme park meant that she gets to be a princess every single day of the week and with her own supposed prince charming thrown in to the mix. But this princess wasn’t one for the sparkle, in fact it was beginning to get on her very last nerve. I really liked Kate she was to the point, swore like a trooper and hated almost everything about pretending to be a princess (except the kids that is) she was realistic and having seen the plastered smile on real life princesses in places such as Dreamland, I could see her being very much true to form.

Dreamland was as far from a dream place to work as she could possibly get and if it weren’t for her best friends Melanie who played the Evil Queen and Dani who was a Fairy she may have been out the park gates long before now; their banter and the character politics was hysterical!

When she discovered that her boyfriend, Prince Charming wasn’t happy with just one Princess, he had been keeping quite a few others company too I wasn’t exactly sure that she was going to be able to keep a lid on her feelings and I was pleased that she didn’t hang about handing his a** to him on a plate and she wasn’t exactly discrete about it either and I was rooting for her from the other side of the kindle screen.

Although still having to pretend that everything was ok when on the park would have had me reaching for something heavy to clobber him with!

But off the job, she was suddenly foot loose and fancy free and although with the help of Melanie and Dani she was doing ok, she finds that seeing her ex with another girl, is enough to give her a good hard mental kick because now she is ready to find her proper prince charming…if he really exists.

So she make herself a promise to find her man, a good man but little did she know that her good man was closer than she could have imagined and came in the shape of the wonderful Justin, I was whooping at this point and hoped she would be too and in some respects she was, that is until she clocks him in the park the following day because while working together might work out for some, when you are a princess having just spent the most amazing night with a guy you really wouldn’t mind seeing again, catching a glimpse of him dressed to the nines in a pirates costume is just about as soul destroying as you can get…she can’t date a pirate, it’s not allowed!

I was double dover at this point it was fabulous! So damn funny that finding time to breath was almost impossible. Justin was laugh out loud funny, a master of the witty one liners but a man that was wondering if he was going to be able to keep this wonderful woman now he had got his hands on her?

Could he? Would they be the perfect match? Well that you will need to read to find out but it is no hardship because this is one book you should really have on you reading list and it had better be close to the top!

Topic: Kiss My Crown by Alexis Noelle

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