Refresh by S Moose

There was so much more than just romance going on in this book, it had a twist of suspense and the merest intimation of something a little taboo. Of all the component parts it is the suspense that will tear down your guard, it will hit you when you least expect it and leave you sitting mouth agape.

Caroline lost the love of her life when her police officer husband died. I felt like I almost mourned with her at the loss of her husband, she was beyond bereft and consumed completely with the grief of knowing the man that told her he would never leave has done just that and that this time he is never coming back. But when she found out that everything she thought she knew was a lie, I could almost hear and feel her heart shatter through my kindle. How on earth did it come to that?

How could she ever pick up the pieces of her heart as it crumbled, emotionally she was left struggling with the enormity of the whole situation and coming out the other side in one piece, well that wasn’t a done deal!

Life as she has known it has come to an abrupt halt and adjusting to her new reality was going to take both time and support.

Mason was friends with both Caroline and her husband, he counted him as his best friend but that didn’t mean that he liked having to keep his secrets, especially since his relationship with Caroline went all the way back to high school. But he couldn’t see her fall apart, once she knew the truth, watching her decimation was too much for him he had to be there for her, after all she has stood by his side every single time he has needed her…now it was his turn to return the kindness.

But would he be able to keep his own demons at bay?

Could Mason be just her friend or would the fact that he has loved her longer than he would ever admit bet too much to take?

The feeling, the depth of emotion that the author was able to inject into the story was simply staggering, she allowed the characters the opportunity to express themselves, to vocalise what they were feeling and more importantly why, even if it was to themselves. I liked the sense of normalcy that Mason’s personality brought to a difficult situation and it was beautifully written, the sort of jesting and light-heartedness that can only be found between two people who a genuinely comfortable in each other’s company, it wasn’t strained, it wasn’t over the top it was fun, it was sensitive and it was honest.

He loved to flirt, whether he meant it or not it made for very interesting conversations between the two of them and brought a much needed smile to my face.

This will take your emotions and give them a thorough work out so be prepared!

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