Dream With Me

by Kristen Proby

I have been in love with this authors work for almost as long as I can remember, especially her With Me in Seattle series, there hasn’t been a word out of place and I have devoured each and every book in the series from start to finish, so when this the latest in the series appeared on the screen of my kindle I couldn’t help but set aside the book that I was just about to start and dive straight in.

I found the dynamic between Anastasia and Kane totally addictive; it was so sweet that I found it almost impossible to put down.  Kane was everything I look for in a leading man, he was as sexy as sin, add in that brooding Irish intensity and I was feeling totally spoilt.

Anastasia was the perfect woman for him, she was willing to say her piece and put him in his place when it was needed but she was also willing to be the woman that he was willing to worship and adore when necessary, they found their balance and you need to read their story they will blow you away.

Beautifully written this is a fabulous addition to a sensational series


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