Unexpected Affliction

by Amity Cross


Well, well come on ladies get yourself another little piece of rock god heaven.
This is the conclusion of the Unexpected series and gives us the rest of the guys in the band – Yum!!!!
You will love Joe Fox - I know I did, the band member with the ability to melt into the crowd but also to melt your heart – he is fabulous.
But can this super sexy man get his one night layover out of his head- yeh I know Blair and West started as a one night fling – and well just look where that ended up- eh!
Flirting his arse off during a flight with the super sexy passenger next to him, Joe takes things to the next level when they decide to spend the time they have together in Hong Kong, can his super sexy prediction come true? But parting on first name terms only with no additional plans to see each other again is a recipe for curiosity to kill the cat and I have to say that what follows is simply fabulous. Alexis takes a little getting used to and god forbid I would have nailed her feet to the floor if I was him because he might get his woman but keeping her is who different ball game because getting her to stop running away is a completely different story.
Next up came Sasha and Mick, unrequited lust is tough to take especially when the guy you are longing for has women hanging on his every word, but Sasha has been all but oblivious to Mick. This whore of a man is used to having his way with a willing participant or two and then disposing of them like yesterday’s news. And all the while Sasha has kept her feelings hidden. But as the new (acting) manager of the band this just might not be a pretence she can keep up for much longer.
So veering the opposite direction she deliberately puts the freeze on Mick and purposely avoids him at all costs. Now Mick may be a little light on social etiquette but he can read women and he might just have pegged this woman right but now that he has noticed her in all her glory, she is on her heels and out of his life… or so she thinks! I loved these two, they were so cool their story is just fabulous.
And so to the Rob, the last man standing. The defiant member of the band, the one that has held out long enough because he has plenty going on in is life without a woman to worry about. Life has played hard with Rob, childhood was nothing much to write home about, it was hard to say the least. But he has managed to keep himself to himself and while the other guys in the band are the closest he has ever felt to having a family – he hasn’t exactly been very forthcoming with the details of his past.
While deep down he is glad the guys have all found their happy ever afters but it has opened his eyes to the fact that yet again he has no-one. Jealousy rears its ugly head and his insecurities threaten to wash him away but he ends up in the right place at the right time and his future – sees him … Lily sees right through him and he has no desire to let that feeling or her go. Which is a bolt from the blue for this standalone guy – because Rob and relationship have never been bedfellows!!
Lily is a closed book, with little desire to share her life with anyone, let alone Rob. She has a past that would have most folk running for the hills and she has no desire to share that with anyone. But this lonely rocker has found what is bandmates have and he wants it for himself, he wants his woman and he is adamant that together they can knit the fragile pieces of their pasts into the cloak of unity for their future. I loved the fact that these two broken lonely souls got to find love and happiness with each other because it takes one to know one and they truly got each other, they knew when to push and when to let go, what was worth fighting for and when you walk away. I was just glad that they fought hard for themselves in the end.
The superb conclusion to yet another fabulous series by Amity Cross, she has seriously become one of my authors of choice when it comes to feeding my one-click addition!!!