I Can Explain

by Missy Johnson

From the blurb I thought that it was going to be fairly easy to foresee path that this was going to take, but please don’t think that I say that as a form of criticism, I don’t but there is no re-invention of the wheel here, quintessentially what you think you are getting is exactly what is on the page, so if you are a lover of a good office romance then this is the story for you.

The story centres on Alana and her boss Chase. For the most part you would have to say that they had the typical employer/employee relationship in as much as he was a pain in the butt most of the time and she spend most of her day just trying to stay out of the firing line.

But all that changed when she rocks up in the most unexpected place…wearing not an awful lot!

How she got there, well you will just have to believe that it was a far from straightforward scenario, involving the need to let off some steam after yet another day in the office under his watchful eye.

Let’s just say that her partner of choice that evening wasn’t exactly all she thought he was and a hasty retreat was required. But despite the unconventional situation, what could not be denied was the fact that outside the office confines…there is more than a little attraction at work between the two of them.

I thought the characters were good, the writing was great and the verbal sparring between them was what totally hooked me. There were of course some laugh out funny moments that the author captured perfectly and there were other occasions where I think they got the gist of what they were up to but that I had to ponder for a moment longer than I would have liked.

They took their time in situations where I wanted to just yell at them to hurry up and get on with it and on other occasions they totally bypassed where I thought they were going, so I suppose you could say it was a story to keep me on my toes.

This had me totally confused about where I wanted to go with the review, how to mark it and how to get across that it was a little bit off centre as a read. So, I have decided that what I can’t fault is the quality of the work, the book is very well written and it isn’t just run of the mill, there are twists and sub plots dotted through it that mean that you can’t take your eye of the characters for one minute…so that being said, what else could I possibly want?

A solid 4 stars

Topic: I Can Explain by Missy Johnson

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