Divine Hart

by Heather Shere

I felt as if I was catching up with friends when I read this , the characters ensure that I very quickly became invested in them and their lives, I will admit though that once I started I found it almost impossible to put the book down, so bed in for a while ladies this will take over!
Their past is something that they have to learn to get over and I wasn’t totally convinced that they were going to be able to move past the time they have spent apart. When a second bite at the cherry is placed before them, I hoped that they would grab it with both hands but the oath they took to get to where they needed to be was far from straightforward.
I hope you give Skye and Preston the chance to share their woes with you and the opportunity to shake off the past and enjoy a future that they can create together, I had my fingers crossed for the two of them and wouldn’t be surprised if you did too.
I would recommend this is a heartbeat, it is fabulously well written with an easy pace and charming characterization.

Topic: Divine Hart by Heather Shere

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