From Gods by Mary Ting

I don’t exactly know what I was thinking when I signed up for this book, because this is so not my genre, but you never know when you will miss out on something great by excluding it just “because”.

This would have been one of those situations for me, because I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the book.

With little information about her father and no contact Skylar, has been raised by her mother following the departure of her father very early on in her life. Her mother refuses to divulge any information about him. Drawing her own conclusions Skylar refuses to give his memory any place in her life.

Summer break draws close and  her mum sends her off to spend the holidays with her aunt and when she discovers that she can join her cousin Kayla and help out at the diner, she gets stuck in.

Skylar is not what or who, even she thinks she is but there are customers at the diner who are convinced that they have an idea that Skylar, like them is more than human, that she is a descendent of the Gods.

Fellow descendants, the gorgeous Mason, Nick, Everett and Remus have their interests pricked, not only by the pretty newcomer but by the attention she has attracted from the Hades Vultures.

But she is something more than even they had anticipated and they find this out all too soon and to the detriment of one of their group. Skylar tries to eliminate the risk that she poses to the others by isolating herself but Mason has other ideas and having developed feelings for her he stands his ground. The others are oblivious and that is just the way he wants it to be and with Kayla and Nick being drawn to one an another, Mason has his hands full keeping not only his brothers but the only human in the group safe.

Travelling to another dimension is probably never been high on my list of priorities but I was enthralled when this section arose in the book, it was superbly constructed and descriptive, and gave me the insight that I needed to be able to completely submerge myself in the remainder of the book.

Everett, Mason and Nick take the girls – Skylar, Kayla and Amanda with then as they travel to Olympus on a journey that they hope will be able to finally give them an idea as to Skylar’s true being. But when the answer is told, Mason has no choice but to insist that it remains a closely guarded secret. Skylar  has enemies that the others would barely be able to fathom and her powers are being sought to enable a descendant of Alena to eliminate the demi gods that stand in her way.

There were additional characters that put in an appearance later in the book that I think may be pivotal in the follow up novels, and will I read them yes well I think I may just have been converted – to this series anyway