On the Run ( Vagabonds Book 1) by Jade C Jamison

First in a three part series, detailing the escapades of the Vagabonds, an all-girl band.

This is Kyle’s story and told from her POV it is a warts and all exposé of her life, so far and she has certainly packed plenty in to her 17 years.

Playing lead guitar with the band is what she was put on this planet to do, it is her absolute passion and along with Barbie, Liz, Kelly and Vicki they are working their butts off to make it in a world where they refuse to be the side show, the cute attraction, the support act, these five young woman are about to show the music industry what they think of their misconceptions!

I liked that we got the whole story of the girls, not the edited highlights, the fight they go through to get their music heard and the hoops they have to jump through to get a shot at being what they want to be.

It was an eye opener into the world of entertainment and I can only imagine how difficult it is being a woman trying to undertake what is generally perceived as being a male bastion.

Kyle doesn’t suffer fools, she has no time for frivolities and has a complete anti bulls**t magnet going on, cross her at your peril.

She is a strong, determined and extremely capable young woman with an absolute determination to succeed and that in any walk of life is a powerful way to live.

Her evolution into the band is a strong part of the story and it was a really first class piece of writing, it gave her backbone, grit and showed the heart she had for the path she had taken.

But her life wasn’t all about the band, we also get to see how her life outside the band unfolds, the relationship that she had with Decker and what happened to make them part way, I mean she knew in her heart that he wasn’t the one for her but they had been good together and Decker was a good guy, We also see how she copes when her parents separate, and that is never an easy time for anybody – let alone a teenager on the brink of stardom.

But when she is introduced to CJ – which all important spark takes hold and the next 12 months are going to prove, very interesting.

CJ is in another band but the chemistry between him and Kyle is off the charts, he has one reason to keep himself in check and that is the fact that Kyle is only 17 and he has no intension of playing with the heart and mind of a juvvie.

I liked the other girls, well I say liked – what I mean is I am intrigued.

I’m really not too sure about Barbie – she is my marmite character so far – I could take her or leave her to be honest. But I really want some more of Vicki’s story, she has me especially puzzled but in a good way.

A great start to what I am sure will be another Jamison classic series.

Topic: On the Run ( Vagabonds Book 1) by Jade C Jamison

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