Mister Black by P T Michelle


Mister Black both enthused and frustrated me. But most of all it had me hooked!!!

The first meeting of Talia and Sebastian is a fleeting interaction between two young people, one who barely understands kindness and one that is looking for a reason just to feel – no matter what that feeling is. The meeting only grazes the surface of their possibilities and I found myself constantly looking for the answers to the numerous questions that were accumulating in my mind.

I suppose that is the sign of a good book when you are looking for more, when you are questioning the content and drawing your own conclusions.

Talia had a past that was plagued with pain, what exactly all of that is I have no idea but I am looking forward to reading all about it as the series evolves.

Sebastian, oh my god – this is a guy that I can’t wait to get to know – what lies below his fit as hell exterior is a true gentleman. I have a feeling that we are being handed a hottie on a plate ladies – there may be cause to bring a brand new book boyfriend on board!!

Sebastian, screams Alpha and believe me when I say I seriously would scream for him but when Talia gives up her virginity to him without a second thought, I did question her reasoning. I mean why keep it that long and in the space of just one meeting – pop – there it goes???

That is not to say that I didn’t get the chemistry between the pair of them, because believe me I did – I would have had to be stupid not to feel the emotion between them – it oozed from the page and sweetly coated each and every word.

Talia’s interaction with Mina was cautious but I thought it gave us an insight into the type of woman that Talia was likely to become.

I liked the fact that the path of their story remains a mystery but what is not a mystery is that there is definitely something that draws them to each other – it did the first time and then eight years later again when they met at the masked ball – there was nothing that would have stood in their way – they are destined to be together.

The pace of the book is swift and fleeting – chunk of time are omitted and some items that I think I want to know about are glossed over – but that may just be because this is the first instalment. But like I said in the first line – I am hooked and I can’t wait to see what else Talia and Sebastian bring to the table.