Exchange of Fire

by P.A.DePaul



P.A DePaul has given me one heck of ride with this book and it is gratefully received, because Exchange of Fire is a great read.

It will bounce your attention all over the place with the pace and the events that unfurl as you career through the pages.

Delta Squad sniper Wraith is part of the team that are tasked with putting an end to a sex trafficking ring but with each of them concentrating on their part in the operation, Wraith comes unstuck when her bullet goes astray and she is responsible for the death of one of the victims.

Wraith is steeped in guilt and as such she feels the right thing to do is to walk away, but to do so, she has to ensure that she is gone for good – and what is more permanent that death? So faking her own demise she leave her life behind and emerges as a new person and so Sandra Walsh is born!

The centre where Sandra goes to work is owned and run by former marine Casper Grady. Grady is an intuitive soul because he has an inkling that Sandra has a past that she is running from, but what he doesn’t realise is that Sandra has no intension of standing still and no matter much she is attracted to Grady she isn’t willing to even try to get to know him because she won’t be sticking around for long.

But fate pushes them both into a situation that they could have never imagined because when Sandra’s apartment is broken in to, she metaphorically puts her running shoes on and takes off – but this time she isn’t on her own – Grady is along for the ride.

The story and its evolution is handled with absolute aplomb, it is a manual in how to deal with grief and guilt – how to handle life when it deals you a bum hand and learning that sometimes bad things happen to good people – everyone makes mistakes it is our ability to learn from our mistakes that makes us better human beings – Sandra/Wraith has to learn to forgive herself for what happened.

But when the world appears to be against you, choosing which way to jump isn’t an easy decision to make. I loved the intrigue that surrounded the whole situation, the fact that it is all so cloak and dagger. I never really knew who they should trust or where exactly the story was going to deposit me next but I have to say that the ride was worth the palpitations that shot through me.

The intensity of their situation brought out the passion in the pair of them and but as sizzling as it was, I had a feeling that it wasn’t going to be enough.

But when her past not only catches up with her but is put squarely before them, it has to be addressed completely because Sandra finds herself back in the arms of Delta Squad.

Explaining the whole situation to Grady is not easy because he has a lot to not only hear but to absorb. Can he accept Wraith or is Sandra the woman he needs – one in the same perhaps but it rocks him to the core.

I like Sandra and why I understood why she did what she did, I can’t say that I fully agreed with her decisions. But I completely fell for Grady, with his back story fully laid out for me my heart broke for the decision he made to walk away.

It isn’t often that you get to say that a HEA would have been the wrong decision but with this book, that is most definitely the case.

The whole scenario is just so complex, the team that Wraith is with is so full-on, that finding time and being able to hold down a proper relationship was never going to be run of the mill. It

I am looking forward to reading more of the remainder of the Delta Squad I especially liked Talon – he has a story to tell that know already that I not only want but need to hear.