Dance With Me

by Kristen Proby

With each installment of this series I feel as if I am coming home, the characters are so familiar that I can honestly say that I enjoy their company. Reading about the goings on is never a hardship, so with this Starla and Levi’s story, I was left in no doubt that it was going to be every bit as magnificent as all the others have been…and I was right they were fab.
Starla is as her name would suggest – a star, a huge recording artist who wants for nothing in life other than the right man, so was Seattle Cop Levi Crawford going to be the guy to change all that?
They have previous, and with that comment I mean that they aren’t strangers, they have met through friends, mixing in similar circumstances due to their connections with some of the previous characters but despite the sumptuous chemistry there is nothing much to tell about their interactions because entry, as she might Starla, has hang-ups that are deeply anchored in her past and she has no desire to experience that sort of grief ever again so she has put the brake son any possibilities of anything happening.
But when she starts to get more detailed and frequent threats made against her, she has no option to start to take things seriously and that means opening up to the one person who has made it clear that he is ready to be by her side no matter what.
Levi had begun to think that any chance with Starla was just pie in the sky but when their paths cross again he is more than willing to use the opportunity to get to know her, he has a feeling that they could have something special and he was absolutely right because it didn’t take long for the two of them to start to grow closer – only this time the threats that are plaguing her could cost him the chance of happiness and he isn’t going to let that happen.
I loved Levi, he was every inch the alpha male, he was fiercely protective, sexy as sin and as a cop …well I was totally besotted, Starla was, for the most part, the epitome of a feisty independent superstar but there was more to her and I liked that with Levi we got to watch as it dawned on her that what she was missing was a man to knock her socks off, to sweep her off her feet and protect her with everything he had and with Levi that is exactly what she got…her own Superman.

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