Knox Volume 2 by Cassia Leo


Knox Volume 2 by Cassia Leo

Well, there are good guys and there are bad guys and when neither of them are enough – there is Knox Savage.

Invested Hook, Line and Sinker in this snappy, sexy little series now – wild horses wouldn’t get me hand over my kindle now – and even the fact that I have the next book lined up and ready to go is filling me with dread because I know that I’ll have to wait for the instalment after that and to be honest – I just don’t want to wait.

We only get a momentary explanation as to the twist at the end of Volume 1 and as this book progresses, I actually find myself having more questions about August than I had before. Something isn’t sitting right with me but what that is - I’ll keep my options open.

We have a little more detail divulged with regards to Knox and Rebecca’s history. He shows he hand with regards to the fact that it was always about her for him – he was determined to find her again and when he did, there was only ever going to be one outcome.

Knox’s primary motivation is revenge and he will get justice for his mother’s death at any cost – His plan is too long in the planning for it to fail – he has involved and coerced so many people that failure is not on his horizon.

Rebecca is not naive in that she can see the man that Knox has become but she has an insight that far belies that of many others – she knew the boy that he was, before time and circumstance created Knox Savage. It is that man that holds her heart. We catch minute glimpses of this the heart he tries so hard to hide from her.

Again the book ends with just enough of dilemma, an is she, isn’t she conundrum and the sudden disappearance of a friend – is it all straight forward or yet another twist in this complicated tale.

The books are engrossing, the story intriguing and the wait excruciating – well played Ms Leo – this is a gripping series.

Rating 4.5 out of 5