In Your Heart by Micalea Smeltzer

I really do enjoy a great friends to lover’s story and I have to say that with Erza and Sadie,that is exactly what you get a… great story.

We know the two of them, they have been in the books since the very first novel and since then they have become close friends, but nothing more.

When things get out of hand at home for Sadie, she can think of only one person to help, one person she can talk to and that is Ezra. He is her confidante, her shoulder to not only lean on but to cry on too and when she needs a place to stay, his door is open.

But moving in, I have to say I had my doubt that Sadie was making a clever choice but then again, what option did she have?

Ezra may be the bass player for the band but he is the quiet man, the thinker of the crew, a genuinely sweet guy who tries to keep himself to himself. His friendship with Sadie is paramount to him and he is determined to make sure that nothing destroys that but there is just much more between the two of them that they really owed it to each other to give it a try.

Their close proximity on a day to day basis, really was played to absolute perfection, the banter and chatter was both funny and charming, the build up to them becoming a couple was a slow steady accumulation of love and lust.

I couldn’t put the book down, the characters were so engaging that I was totally engrossed in the whole scenario.

They were great friends but they were so different, when they finally took the plunge and tipped their friendship over into the relationship I was whooping!!!

I also loved the fact that we got more of the couples from the earlier books and also the mysterious Hayes. I hope we get more of his story in the next book.