Blush by Anne Mercier

Right now I get it – my confusion and niggle with book one was my problem and not the book because damn, this book is fantastic!!!

This is one sexy read, which will make you laugh out loud at times and that can never be a bad thing.

But it is not all plain sailing and that gave this book the edge that I was looking for

Heading out on tour – Falling down and Blush are pushing all the right buttons and I mean that in every sense possible but they are setting the music world alight and after their big night in Vegas – Jesse and Lucy have more to get accustomed to than most – this is no run of the mill tour – this is a honeymoon that is about as far from ideal as you could have ever imagined.

Now while there big day may not have been what they would have wanted in an ideal world – being together is and they know that they can make it work but it is those around them that seem to have a harder time getting their head around the fact that they’re married - especially Lucy’s family.

So can they survive the pressure that being newlywed and on the road- you bet your ass they can- there isn’t anything that can tear them apart but that doesn’t stop the hangers on and harlots from having a darn good go but when you have a man like Jesse by your side, Lucy knows that life doesn’t get any better.

I adored Jesse and the devotion that he gives to Lucy, there is no-one else in his world other than her and she well, she made me smile because despite the armies of brazen fans who treat her with complete irrelevance she stands tall and proud by her man and gives no quarter to those that doubt what she has with Jesse – you go girl!!