The Billionaire Bargain Part 1 by Lila Monroe

Oh my god, Grant Devlin – scrumptious!!!!

This no holds barred Aussie is usually up to his eyes in all manner of shenanigans and all of his own making! The world is one great big playground to him and he has no shortage of playmates to party with but good times aside he has slipped up this time and is up to his eyes in shit!

Money and some very talented PR people including his right hand woman Lacey Newman can usually make it all disappear but this carefree billionaire is about to find that responsibility is knocking on his door. Because his current predicament is one that only he can resolve and it is time to face the music, time to step up to the plate and present a clean image to those that matter, after all it is his company that is on the line.

Can he show the world and more over his clients that he is ready to play in the grown up world?

Lacey has been running around after Grant for years, taking care of his every whim and saving his arse from more of his mishaps than she would care to admit too.

But this little lady holds no prisoners when it comes to calling a spade a spade – and that includes Grant, no matter how important he is, what power he has to hold over her, she pulls no punches when she tells him how much of a prick he is being… which she does quite often.

I loved the fact that the book has a character that I could get my claws into – hell, I hated Jacinda! Witch of a woman!!! How Lacey managed to remain even remotely civil to the bitch befuddled me, I would have rung her scrawny neck.

But good things happen when you wish hard enough and I swear I was praying for her to get the push and was overjoyed when finally she was given her marching orders- lazy bitch deserved everything she got but I am not sure that she will not be back to stir up trouble in the future.

Told from Lacey’s point of view, this was a glorious read, funny- and I do mean laugh out loud funny – Lacey had me completely entranced, she was just bloody well epic, the type of girl that is as honest and down to earth as anyone could be- the type of girl that Grant needs to be seen with, the type of woman that his clients will fall in love with, but what about him…. Could he fall for the honest charm of Ms Lacey Newman?

Well only time will tell but Grants proposal to Lacey to be his pseudo girlfriend in a bid to prove that he is not completely irresponsible takes Lacey by surprise but since she has secretly lusted after him for what seems like a lifetime, this might just be the only chance she gets.

You will be completely absorbed by what is a completely adorable and positively rambunctious tale.

Books two is a definite!!! Bring it on.