Sweet Rome

by Tillie Cole


Sweet Rome is anything but typical.

This brings enlightenment, understanding and resolution to the events that we all fell in love with when we read the phenomenal first book, Sweet Home by Tillie Cole.

Told exclusively from the perspective of Romeo “Bullet” Prince, should you pick this book up and hear what he has to say? – Well Hello!!! Damn right you should, because this guy absolutely has a story that you need to hear, one that will sneak its way into your soul and take root.

This is more than a re-telling of Sweet Home, it is a personal insight into the life of Rome and the life and love he found with Molly.

The story goes right back to the beginning, warts and all, we get to see and hear about his whole life from the abandonment by his mother, the distain, neglect and violence from his parents and finally the salvation he found in Molly.

“I like me when I’m with you. I feel like I could tell you anything, that I could bear my fuckin’ black soul. You make me feel… well… you know… You get me?”

Life as the star Quarterback has served two purposes for Rome – it has afforded him the opportunity to escape the clutches of his despot father and has given him the chance to show that he can make it on his own. Financially independent, this boy craves acceptance and in the eyes of all but two, he has it – he is a god to many who idolise him for nothing other than his prowess on the field.

Looking skin deep, Rome has it all but there are a very select few who know the real story,helping him to hide the abuse and neglect has been the story of his life – used and abused at will by the  two people who considered him not only an inconvenience but a commodity to be used for personal gain.

All that changed following his first encounter with Molly but could this leopard change his spots – well in this book we hear his thoughts on the subject and we are with him every step of the way as he lets us see that he can finally accept that he has fallen foul of the “L” word.

Rome expertly and eloquently takes us with him on his journey to his happy ever after. He is not shy at showing us that he is willing to express his feelings and to fight for what he wants.

His story is told with determination and humour but above all it oozes Rome’s passion not only for his beloved football but his devotion to Molly.

We travel each of the events from Sweet Home in Rome’s footsteps but this is in no way rehash – it is fresh and absorbing, full of laughter and anecdotes that will have you smiling as you remember the story back from the first book.

Sweet Rome, is just what the title indicates, sweet, it is everything that you know from the first book – with extra sauce!

Rome and Molly stole my heart in Sweet Home but in this I found that my tears belonged to Rome, but not all the tears were sad – he made my heart sing when he resolutely stood up for what he wanted and let nothing get in his way, he won my tears when he took his love for Molly and made sure that she knew with every breath she took that she was his reason to exist.

I loved the joy that he expressed with his children and I revelled with pride for the man that he had become.

I felt like my investment in Rome was worthwhile, he stole my heart and I don’t think I ever want it back.