by Shayla Black

The devil is in the detail so they say and when you open a Shayla Black novel you know that you are going to be knee deep in details, because she leaves nothing to chance, her descriptive tones and intensity is second to none.

I thought that Harlow and Noah were engaging and I found the way the author told their story completely captivating, they weren’t complicated but that doesn’t mean that either they or their story was easy because it wasn’t.

The story was fairly astute but dint take anything for granted. It was  easy to get a handle on what was going on, but I don’t think that that should go against it because in all honesty that wasn’t actually the most important thing, the real play was not where but how…that was for me the crux of the story.  Their journey, the path they took and the reasoning behind those decisions were what came across for me.

The romance was there, of course but this was more than that, it was total engagement two souls that belonged together, that spoke directly to each other and that were singing from the same page., although it was no shock that Harlow was a little slower off the mark than Noah.

The understanding that lay between them spoke volumes without them having to say much, and that was real romance, authentic connection and it was beautifully determined and expressed by the author.

I felt as if I could have been reading about friends, the human element of the story shone through, it may have been the honesty of the story that won me over but it was the quality of the work that kept me entertained.

Topic: MORE THAN LOVE YOU by Shayla Black

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