Paradise Forbidden by Natalie E Wrye

You will require surgical attention to have your kindle detached from your hands at the end of this because there is absolutely no way you will be able to put it down, from start to finish I was absorbed, completely engulfed by the story and not only that the way in which the story was told. This author has a beautiful way of getting her thoughts and feeling across and an exquisite way of allowing her characters the room to breathe, to stretch and to unravel before your very eyes.

This is a book that will keep you guessing for much of the time but it will also sweep you away with it complexity. It was intimately passionate but it had a sub current of lies that made me a more than a little uneasy.

There is nothing like a kick ass fib to get the old grey matter ticking!

What is it with Tennessee that had both the main characters heading that direction?

Kat was interesting, she was on the run that much was obvious but from what was a closely guarded secret, she wasn’t willing to give details but whatever it was it had to be something huge because she gave off an air of determination and fortitude that I found it hard to decipher what could have possibly had her so lost.

Trevor (aka Zeus) was also on the move and again much like Kat he too had me puzzled. He was such a strong man that I was confused as to what the heck could have happened to force him to up sticks and take off. He was playing his cards very close to his chest but when he ends up on the same coach as Kat, he can’t help but take a shine to the blue eyed beauty, even though he knows full well it is a bad idea.

So when Fate dishes up the biggest bum rap, it means that the two of them are stranded, together and alone and in the middle of nowhere and suddenly Tennessee is a very daunting prospect.

With only each other to rely upon, it was a shame that they didn’t really get on, or was that all a front because while they continued to play silly games and to hide not only their past but their feelings?

Could they keep what they each were feeling contained, could they survive their predicament? Would they let each other in and open up about what was going on in their lives?

There were so many questions that the story was one long conundrum.

The book was skilfully written with a sympathetic attention to details and a flourish of descriptive tones that left nothing out. The author painted an elaborate plot and pieced it together beautifully and methodically for the reader along the way.

I loved the way all the pieces were meticulously dropped into place, it was addictive!


Topic: Paradise Forbidden by Natalie E Wrye

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